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Progressive Technology has been manufacturing components in a high production capacity for the last 15 years. One of the great achievements is manufacturing Sapphire Orthodontic Braces, the strongest material for transparent braces in the world.
We pride ourselves on quality, delivery and the willingness to tackle complex components. We understand that there are choices in the market and we have gone to great lengths to work with the customer to meet their needs.
The President Shannon Rogers has been in ceramic manufacturing since 1975 and has designed and built equipment for ceramic manufacturing that has not been available to this industry. He understands that sometimes you need to improvise if you want to achieve the next level.
Progressive Technology has been working with very unique materials such as Sapphire, Transparent alumina and a variety of others. It is our goal to be able to produce anything from crystal materials.
Some of the industries we have been involved in include Aerospace, Dental, Medical, Automotive, Laser, Electronics and Analytical equipment. There are so many types of industries that have used our ceramics chances are there are some in your industry. Simply click on the industry that most applies to you and review some of the products and information for that industry.


Progressive Technology